Bastien Delmare

Digital Art Direction & Motion Design

PIOS – the app Web & Mobile Design helps parents and children with reading material and examinations and exams. They offer after school courses. The goal of this project was to create a mobile app that allows the parents to monitor their kids work (also notes, bills etc) and the children to check their todolist and agenda. This is an extention of the website we made for with ThisPage just before this app.

For the children

The main use of this app is to bring your agenda in your pocket. Then the children are able to see what work they still have to finish, at what time is their next appointment with the teacher and how they succeeded at the last exam.

For the parents

Parents and children have a different access to the application. Parents are able to see their different kids profiles, they can switch from “all the children agenda” to only “Jules agenda”. They also have, as the kids, the comments and notes from the teacher. But only them have access to the administrative part like the bills and paiement infos.

The app

The app has been built with the Apache Cordova technology, which allows the developers team to develop an app for multiple plateforms with one code base. This kind of technology is used for several types of applications to avoids extra costs in developing native apps for each plateforms.