Bastien Delmare

Digital Art Direction & Motion Design

  • Role : Motion Designer
  • Partner(s) : tygdigital (Now Capitola)
  • Client : IDX24 (Now Upcomers)
IDX24 – Concept video Motion Design

Who is IDX25 (Now Upcomers)

Whether you’re a student or pioneering creative mind and you think your hot stuff ! You’ve arrived at the right URL.

Welcome to the Upcomers™ Generation.
We are a fresh new tool for creative minds that links the global art & design student community to global brands for ideation.
Global brands are sourcing creative ideas through our new playing field offering creative students in all genres, the opportunity to enter and expose
themselves to global opportunities.

The video

The goal of the video was to explain the concept of Upcomers in the early days, when it was still IDX24.