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Digital Art Direction & Motion Design


Today, I am making a new website for a client. I’m setting up a wordpress on my local server. As usual I link all the libraries I need, the JS plugins and I modify the common WordPress settings in the dashboard. When I set all the media sizes to “0”, I just realised that WordPress is still resizing the images to a medium large (called “medium_large”) size, wich is about 768px wide. After a quick search on internet, I found a log from November 10th 2015 about responsive images in WordPress 4.4.

In this post you can read that WordPress has a new default image size, called “medium_large”. This size has been added to¬†better take advantage of responsive image support.
But what if you have no need for responsive images, or you just don’t want the images to be resized at 768px ?

You can simply manualy update this option in your “functions.php” file using those two lines:

//delete medium_large thumbnail size
update_option('medium_large_size_w', '0');
update_option('medium_large_size_h', '0');

Or you can go in your database to modify the option in the “wp_options” table.