• Role : Motion Designer, Graphic Designer, Developper
Showreel 2018 Motion Design

First Showreel in 5 years ! Yeap first one !
So this Showreel is my first oportunity to share all the kind of projects I work on with everybody. I never had the chance to do that in the past and it’s impressive all the support you get from people when you show them your skills in a blink of a an eye space time !
It encourages me to make an other one next year, I hope with fresh stuff, engaging projects and new skills !


Music Credit : PWARS Concept / Facebook / Mixcloud

Projects Credits : Agence Y, Fluviofeeder, Fondation du patrimoine, Mission Bern, Région Normandie, Perroquet Bleu, Kebi, Hatch, Thispage Asmterdam, Capitola VR, Papyhappy, Digiworks, Advini, Ford, Ding esport, SVP réception, Komogo CG, Les Startups à l’École, Agoranov, Randstad.