Bastien Delmare

Digital Art Direction & Motion Design

Invensas – Products videos Motion Design

Invensas is one of the world’s leading providers of advanced semiconductor packaging and 3D interconnect technologies. The goal of this project was to explain to the public in what consists the technologies they are providing. I had to make two videos about two different technologies, BVA(tm) and xFD(tm).


The first video is about BVA technology. The BVA technology is for advanced mobile applications. The video goal was to highlight the benefits of the product, and explain how the chip works with simply animated schematics.


The second video is about xFD technology. The xFD technology allows high-capacity and high-performance memory for the demanding applications on desktop. The video goal is quiet the same than the previous one. It compares a “X” technology versus the Invensas technology, always by showing the benefits to move to Invensas technologies. It shows, to the grand public, where is located the chip on a server and how it enhances the performances.