HATCH – Website Webdesign

What is HATCH ?

Hatch is a marketing technology company at the forefront of Where to Buy solutions and services. Hatch is on a mission to make the world shoppable by enabling consumers to buy their product of desire at the point of engagement, both online and in-store

Headquartered in Amsterdam and with offices in the US, Europe, and Asia, Hatch has been working with some of the world’s biggest brands, retailers, and agencies for over 5 years. We’re active in 80 countries and have over 3000 connected retailers globally.

My mission

For this project I have been recruited by ThisPage(responsible for the development) to work in collab with Khanna Reidinga to remake the web idendity of Iceleads that recently became Hatch. After what I also made in collad with ThisPage the product video of Hatch.

The Goal

The goal was to adapt the visual identity that Khanna Reidinga made for Hatch to the web.

The Visual Identity


The website

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