Bastien Delmare

Digital Art Direction & Motion Design

Forum du Futur – Website Development

Who is Forum du Futur ?

The Forum du Futur is an independent center dedicated to studying and analyzing the major upheavals that are at work today: demographic changes; economic and societal issues; competitions for access to scarce resources: water, mines, energy; technological revolutions; dissemination of revolutionary or radical ideologies; dissemination of armed conflicts. Its field of reflection is resolutely plural and international. [know more about them]

My mission

The goal of this project was to create a website completely administrable by the Forum team and permt them to backup all their conferences. Then everyone have access to the documents of each conference. The conferences are placed in different main domains, have different categories of event, have te possibility to be geolocalized, planed in advance and we can stick the authors and speakers page to the article.