Bastien Delmare

Digital Art Direction & Motion Design

Digi Love Cards 3D - Game Design - VR & AR


How it works ?

Trading cards, representing each of the agency’s members, were randomly sent out on February 14th. Then the lucky ones had to download the “DigiLoveCards” app to discover the characters in AR and play with their values.

My mission

My mission was first to send an illustration proposal of the agency’s members to inspire the 3D modeling creation process. Then once the characters were ok, I created FBX animations for each of them. In total you can count a dozen of idle and expression animations.

Who are they ?

An agency that responds in a fun way to your needs in communication, prevention, training …

Founded in 2008, Digiworks is a next-generation digital agency. In short, we respond to your problems of internal communication, external, training, prevention by designing engaging and innovative experiences.


You can download the app (but still need the cards!)