- Amsterdam, the Netherlands -

After studying sciences during 4 years, I passed my A-level in 2010. After what I decided to come back to something I loved when I was younger, creativity and computer graphics. All that finaly let me to attend courses about design and communication at the university of technologies (Troyes, France). At the end of the university, we had to do a 3 months internship, then I spent 6 months (3 months as an employee) in the Z3R0D team (Montpellier, France) as a digital designer. I was responsible for the digital part of the brand (ads, videos, print etc.). On the 28th June 2012, I learned that I was accepted at Gobelins, l’école de l’image, for one year of courses about multimedia, new technologies and mobile design (CDNL). During this year we were studying one week at school and working one week in a company. I was a part of the digital section at Aastra (recently named Mitel). During this year in Paris, we had the opportunity to meet professionals and work together on several digital and experimental projects, it’s been very helpful for all of us, in our personnal and professional life. At the end of this wonderful year, the school offered us to do an internship abroad. I choosed Amsterdam for the way of life and the nice mood for creative people. Then I arrived at TYG at the begining of 2014. New year, new job, new friends, new country …

I came back to France to finish my studies after this internship end then I decided to stay in Amsterdam, like a few friends of mine from Gobelins, to start my own business. From this time (June, 2014) I am freelance digital designer, I worked in 2 different dutch agencies and I have several clients.