Bastien Delmare

Graphic & Motion Designer

What do I do ?

Artistic Direction

With 7+ years of practice and my experience as a multidisciplinary designer in Amsterdam's agencies such as Capitola or ThisPage, I can be a decision-maker in the creative and design process, work on R&D projects, build teams or set up a project from A to Z.

Motion Design

Motion Design is my main skill since a while but it enloves a lot of domains as graphism, 3D, VFX, photography, sound design, video mapping, video games, and more. Today I'm able of carry your project from scratch till the end, from the idea till the upload.

Graphic Design

Graphic Design is at the heart of almost everyone of the projects I work on. I am doing graphism since my young age as self-educated. Then I started to sell my first designs when I was 16yo. The creative process has always been a part of my daily routine.


I also do websites development, mainly supported by WordPress wich I used since 2010. I started to study sciences, with a lot of maths and physics. I was more like ingenior student kind of style, more than creative. Then I came back to design, my passion, but still make benefits of my technical skills.

Latest projects